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By accepting approval to use this online tool I attest that I am a property owner in the Shadybrook Community in Bullard Texas, a gated, private community administrated by the Shadybrook Property Owners Association, a non-profit corporation authorized by the Texas State Legislature.

I understand Shadybrook POA’s business operations are managed by a volunteer board of officers duly elected at an annual meeting of Shadybrook property owners. I further attest that I will adhere to the Shadybrook Community Covenants and Bylaws, published on this site, and that those governing documents have been approved by a majority of Shadybrook property owners and carry the full weight of Texas property law.

I understand that these Covenants include annual dues and fees that fund the maintenance of Shadybrook communal amenities and our private streets. I understand that the legal terms and names “Shadybrook Property Association” and “Shadybrook POA” are the sole intellectual property of the Shadybrook Property Association Corporation and that I am not authorized to engage in contracts nor make public statements on behalf of Shadybrook POA.

Furthermore I agree not to engage in tortious interference of Shadybrook business operations. I agree not to use threatening or abusive language neither in person, online or published publicly, that targets and slanders any Shadybrook property owner, security or maintenance employees, as well as any volunteers or elected officers of the Shadybrook POA.